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Peaceful Protest Harks Back to Protesting Heyday

Fifteen hundred protesters marched on the site of the 2008 Republican Convention Saturday, says David Phelps' article in the Twin Cities + Region section of Sunday's Star Tribune. Phelps' article balances the anti-war and the pro-victory sides of the protest, but gives the protesters more space, likely due to the reportedly greater size of the protesting group. Phelps quotes a veteran, whose story gives the emotional strength to his side's arguments, but the article itself supports neither side. The tone of the piece is apolitical, especially since the subject matter is so touchy and political. Phelps manages to tell his story without scrambling the message with politics.


Hi James,

Remember in at least some of your blog entries to compare stories from two different sources which are focused on the same topic. You're doing a great job of picking interesting stories, but remember to add that extra level of analysis involved with multiple sources, especially on your national and international stories.