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Private Security (Read as Mercenaries) Taking Heat From Iraqi Gov't

Blackwater USA has been taking a lot of fire in the press lately. This article from Wednesday's print edition of the Star Tribune discusses the allegations leveled against the "private security" firm recently by the Iraqi government. Those allegations are discussed more fully, as well as the Iraqi government's investigation here, in an article from the New York Times posted on the Pioneer Press website. The lead from the Star Tribune is a standard AP direct lead, aimed at telling the reader what happened as quickly as possible. The article takes the side of the Iraqi government; Blackwater USA are villains who kill Iraqi civilians unprovoked. There are no statements in the article from anyone in the Blackwater organization, which serves to unbalance the article. The authors, Robert H. Reid and Matthew Lee, of the Associated Press, assume the reader agrees that Blackwater USA fired upon the civilians without reasonable cause. This type of assumption seems to be fairly prevalent in AP articles.


Watch how this story develops. I wouldn't be surprised to find this company exposed as a free wheeling, shoot first, ask later embarrassment. Follow the money- who in gov't has ties to them?