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Media Sends Mixed Messages About End of Strike

This article from the Saturday edition of the Star Tribune makes the situation between the AFSCME union and the University administration sound almost as resentful as that of the nations of Europe after World War I. The front-page headline misleads the story, as well. "Time helps to bring U and union together" conflicts with the theme of the article, which says it was really desperation over the lack of wages that caused the union to grudgingly accept the university's offer. The inner page (A15) headline is more clear, but still written strangely. "Every day without pay helped bring U and union together" seems to have a conflict of emotional weight. "Every day without pay" sounds negative, but "helped bring U and union together" is positive. This university student written article from the Minnesota Daily glosses over the money factor as well. The union is painted as surly but acquiescent in both articles. Both the Star Tribune article and the Minnesota Daily article have the same quote from university president Bob Bruininks, which sounds almost as confusing as the headlines. The Star Tribune article's author clearly supported the union in the struggles, because the Bruininks quote is the only attention the university is given. The rest of the article gives support to the union side in the form of anecdotes and quotes from union members.