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The Neverending Football Game

Marcus R. Fuller's Pioneer Press article about the University of Minnesota Golden Gopher's near victory over Miami of Ohio on Saturday, September 8 does a good job of passing the feeling of exhaustion felt by the players and Coach Tim Brewster on to the reader. The language of the piece helps; the lead and the second paragraph convey Coach Brewster's physical and mental tiredness. This almost certainly must be a fabrication; one isn't able to know exactly what went through the coach's mind after the end of the game. That being said, the intro is a good emotional lead. It grabbed me when I was reading through the paper. The article is written in pretty much the standard sports writing style. The emotional opening is the only interesting writing.


Hi there-

I am enjoying following your classwork. However the use of the words "pretty much" seems a tad juvenille doesn't it? Sorry to be difficult!!! Love ya!

You're doing a great job analyzing the coverage of the stories you picked in the Pioneer Press. Feel free to expand the sources you use or even compare coverage in two sources. I love that you've given your blog address to your family--it's nice to know there are other people reading your work!