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Happy Cows Come From California (or Wisconsin), but Sick Cows Come From Minnesota

According to Sunday's Star Trib, several herds of cattle in Northwestern MN have been diagnosed with bovine tuberculosis. This short article talked about how some of the cattle herds tested "suspect" for bovine TB due to purchases made from an infected farm last year. It reports that the cattle industry has been trying to maintain a "TB-free status", and must now start the two year timer over again. It says the industry has begun testing herds throughout the state. A similar article, from the Pioneer Press, is equally short, but packs a higher punch. The Press article contains background into what bovine TB is, and tells the audience that it can pass to humans, while the Star Trib article says "...the infections pose little risk to human health...." The Press article also states that bovine TB can pass to deer and goats as well as cattle, a fact that the Trib article doesn't present. If the two reporters who wrote these articles had done more reporting, then there wouldn't be confusion about which article is more correct.