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More Mercenary Trouble in Iraq, But This Time it's Not Blackwater

The media's discoveries about Blackwater USA have resulted in more mercenary killings being uncovered. In Wednesday's Star Tribune, this article about Unity Resources Group, an Australian security company, told about how security forces opened fire on a white sedan, which was being used as an unofficial taxi by a Iraqi Christian woman, that drifted too close to a convoy. The first half of this article, which was made by the AP, talks about the event itself, while the second half talks about the rising amount of outrage among the Iraqi people. The article gives statements by a Unity spokesman, who expresses his sympathy and regret about the events, which gives the article some balance. It's fairly clear that the author, Kim Gamel believes that Unity is in the wrong, which is probably accurate.
I notice that nowhere in these articles that attack the mercenary groups is it ever discussed the successes of these groups. I realize that it is hard to tell if the people they gun down are actually threats or not after they're dead, but they have to have done something right, right?