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"Old School" Schools Creating Problems

According to an article on page B5 of the Star Tribune's Metro section, smaller schools that were once attractive and trendy are becoming increasingly decrepit. One school district in St. Anthony-New Brighton, already suffering from open enrollment laws, is educating American youth in 40-year-old buildings. According to the article, the citizens of New Brighton and St. Anthony submitted a list of improvements and repairs required by the schools. The article quotes Jane Eckert, vice chairwoman of the school board, as saying that many of the repairs won't be enacted, partly because of the weak economy, and partly because the residents of the school district no longer have children in the area schools, and would thus vote against a tax from the education sector. I like that Norman Draper, the reporter, got the chairperson to admit that detail, because it shows the opposition to the issue without having to go out and interview a large number of older residents in the area. Eckert knows the town's thoughts and feelings better than any reporter unless they lived in the area, because she has likely been in the meetings where these issues are discussed, both with the school boards and with the public.