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Police Sting With a Twist: "Doc" was a Sex-Offender

According to the Oct. 15 print edition of the Star Tribune, a man the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension were paying to inform on a arms-dealing ring was revealed to be a sex offender in Massachusetts. This article, talks about how, since he was never asked if he was a sex offender, and since it never came up in background checks, Craig Allen Hartline decided not to volunteer the info, which came into light as he was preparing for his part in a trial of 53 people his operation stung. This article is refreshing, because it doesn't portray "Doc" as a sadistic sex offender (not that sex offenders should be treated very nicely, in my opinion), but as someone who is able to perform a service that benefits society. Hartline said he was "a professional" informant, who helped arrest 3000 felons. The Prosecutor for the case said that the reason that Hartline's background wasn't exposed was because Massachusetts hadn't computerized all its records, which says something about the over-reliance on computerized records in these matters, and also about the need for police entities to modernize, so people who are overly reliant on computers, as so many are these days, can have all the information they need.