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Some Guantanamo Inmates May Go Free, Finally

An AP-originated article printed in Friday's Star Tribune talks about how some of the detainees might receive new trials, with courts looking at "new or previously overlooked evidence" that could result in the courts ruling some no longer threats. A similar article was printed in Friday's New York Times by a staff writer.
The Star Tribune piece is a direct news article. The lead tells the audience where, who, and what the story is about (Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, 330 "enemy combatants", the military considering new hearings). It was apparently not deemed front page news, being stashed on page A3. It gives a lot of background material for the Guantanamo Bay prison complex since 2002, but doesn't go into the state of the prison, like so many other Guantanamo Bay articles do. This can perhaps be seen as a strength because the article doesn't waste the audiences' time telling them things they already know, especially if that knowledge isn't really necessary in context with the news.