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No, the Nobel People Weren't Kidding, Professor

Ninety year old Economics Professor Leonid Hurwicz co-won the Nobel Prize in Economics Monday. According to Mike Myers, the author of this Tuesday October 16 Star Tribune article, Professor Hurwicz thought the Nobel people were joking. Myers tells the audience about Hurwicz's work and the practical applications of it the next generation of economics professionals worked out for his theories. It was these applications, Myers says, that made Hurwicz a Nobel Prize winner.
The article is half an announcement of Hurwicz's victory, and half a profile of the economist himself, with descriptions of a few of his theories. Sometimes, Myers lapses into economic jargon, but he usually backs up the jargon with examples and makes it more understandable to the average man on the couch. Reading the article, one gets the impression that Hurwicz is one of the last real geniuses, the economics version of Feynman, or Einstein, or Freud or Jung. Myers ends his feature on Hurwicz with an anecdote where the professor revised in a few seconds what took a computer several weeks to work out, saying "This is what I think you mean."