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Archery Takes a Hit

According to a Tuesday Nov. 27 Star Tribune article the hobby of archery might become outlawed in suburban areas, in addition to the ban in urban areas. The article focuses on the recent Roseville ban on backyard archery. According to a sidebar within the article, there are 70,000 bow hunters in Minnesota, and doubtless there are more than that who shoot arrows as a hobby. The majority of the people quoted in the article didn't support the ban, citing childhood backyard archery tradition as a reason. The middle of the article gives humorous descriptions of laws about bows, including the fact that it's illegal to carry a concealed bow (difficult to do anyway), and gives generalizations that say todays criminals are not using bows to commit robbery or assault. People do support the ban, though, because unskilled archers could kill and maim people accidentally. I could see this tying into controversy surrounding the Supreme Court's look into the 2nd Amendment regarding the right to bear arms. Its never overtly stated, but I think there could be a connection.