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Armed and Dangerous, and Remorseful?

In Houston, Texas, a man defended his neighbor's home by attacking two burglars with his shotgun. His neighbors admire him, while others raise questions of vigilante justice. The Star Tribune printed the AP version of the story, while the Houston Chronicle printed an original, and much more interesting, article, dated Nov. 18, 2007. There, Horn is portrayed as a confused, possibly unstable man, who said he would be haunted by the killings for the rest of his life, as opposed to the AP article from the Star Trib where he seems more like a vigilante cowboy figure. The AP article is written in a very anecdotal form; it seems more like a treatment for a movie scene than an article of news. It is a strange combination of direct and indirect news. The author uses a delayed lead, but then the article is in the inverted pyramid form. It's very confusing to try and work out exactly what happened when.
The Chronicle article is much more traditional, not to mention longer, probably due to the locality of the news to the paper. It tells the story of his attack on the burglars, but also talks about the legal process and snarls that he is going through because of it. The AP article never mentions charges, or a trial, or what happens to Horn after his adventure. This is odd because the Star Trib AP article was printed more than a week after the more complete Houston Chronicle article. I chalk this up to the AP creating random news geared at entertainment, rather than delivering complete and accurate news.