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Buy Up the Movie Rights Quick!

In a scene resembling a young adult adventure novel, two St. Paul women, Erin and Holly Stojan survived a night lost on the St. Croix River. What originally had been intended as a four-hour trip lengthened to 21 hours last Sunday and Monday. The two women had to deal with a twice-capsized canoe, but fortunately had a plastic bag of dry clothes to change into. They could have been rescued earlier, but the rescue boat developed a hole, which forced the boat back to shore. The two women survived by covering themselves with leaves and they "kind of hunkered down." The article's lead starts strangely, with "Surely providence played a role...." Providence is the weird word, as it is usually a reference to the works of god. In an article that isn't about the Middle East, or any sort of church, the reference to god is puzzling. Perhaps the writers, Paul Walsh and Pat Pheifer of the Star Tribune, were just searching for poetic language to spice up the lead, but I think they could have found better words for it.