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Croaked the Tin Man, "Oil!"

In Nov. 12's Business Section of the Star Tribune, a group of Star Trib analyze the country's new oil crisis in comparison with older ones. On the front page of the Business section, they had a large graph at the bottom of the page showing the cost of a barrel of oil from 1970 to today, in the modern dollar and in the dollar of the day. Inside the section, is a large sidebar, separated by a dark background which tells how companies are coping with the raised gas prices. All kinds of companies are affected, including airlines, manufactureres, restaurants and the food service industry. The article has a lot of information about the situation, but nothing about how to fix it. None of the people interviewed have anything to say about fixing the overall problem, just about fixing their own smaller problems, like grocery stores reducing packaging, and trying to find cheaper ways to supply the petroleum products they need. It would have been nice for the writers to get some opinions from store or company owners about how to fix the new oil crisis.