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Minnetonka Traditional Yard Sale Busted Like Underage Party

Minnetonka police officials shut down a yard sale occurring at an vacant house due to zoning violations, which set off annoyance among residents who didn't think it mattered. In the Saturday November 3 Star Tribune, the article "When is a yard sale not a yard sale?" talks about how the proprietor, Laura Soelberg, was issued a citation at her last sale, and the city's plans to press charges against Soelberg after her Oct. 24 sale was broken up. Soelberg claims that she doesn't hold her sales for profit, and that the stuff she sells is second hand things from her family's various houses. The theme I brought away from reading this article was that people don't necessarily want the state, city, or presumably federal government micromanaging their lives. The article said multiple times how shocked people were that the sales had suddenly become an issue.