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Return of the Native (Filmmakers)

The Coen brothers recieved a lot of press in the Friday Star Tribune. Their new movie "No Country for Old Men" was released in theaters, and it was reviewed in the Source Section. In the front page section, though, Colin Covert interviewed them about their next project, which will be set in Minnesota. Native sons: Back for a dose of home is the article's title. The Coen brother's first movie, "Fargo", set the national opinion on Minnesota and the accent of its residents. Now, they are gearing up to shoot a new film called "A Serious Man", which will be based on the brothers' experiences in their childhood.
I'm not sure that this article needed to exist. It could have been combined with the article about the movie review; they could have made it more of a feature, saved column space for other stuff. I also don't think it should have been on the front page of the paper. Maybe the two articles about the Coen brothers could have shared space on the front page of the Source section instead.