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Some St. Paul Residents Worried About Campus Renovations

The St. Paul campus of the U of M is known as the "getaway" spot used for relaxation when classes become too stressful. Residents who live near the campus think so to, which is why they're worried that the U's plans to update the campus will upset the balance of the town of Falcon Heights. Thursday Nov 15ths Star Trib article talks about these worries and says that the U will "hold a 'listening session'... to gather input." The officials quoted from the university talk about what the campus needs, but beyond the first few paragraphs, Jean Hopfensperger doesn't give any more column space to the thoughts of the community. She also says that the university people re-evaluate the use of space on both campuses every ten years, which I think might have been a good thing to put farther up, because the way the article reads now makes it sound like they are randomly renovating another part of campus in addition to Kolthoff Hall and the new Stadium area.