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Legends of the Hidden Costs

In Tuesday's Star Trib, Josh White of the Washington Post revealed the estimates of the real cost of the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. This refers to not only the cost of weapons, etc, but things like higher oil prices, paying medical and rehabilitation care for wounded vets, and paying interest on loans. The first half of the article is the gist of the report, while the second half is the views of people who disagree, like a member of previous president's National Security Council, Robert Hormats. He says that the price of the current wars is still less than half the cost of WWII. Hormats has issues with some of the estimates the government report made, like "it would be hard to show that the Iraq war has caused oil prices to skyrocket or oil producers in the Mideast to falter." The article closes with comments by Hormats about the economic differences between America at the time of WWII and today.