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A Green Holiday

The "Holiday" (Christmas) Tree in St Paul's Rice Park hosts 360 LED lights this year instead of a full compliment of regular incandescent bulbs. This article, from the Friday print edition of the Star Tribune, is a bit of a puff piece, but I feel it's notable for a few details. First, the article conforms to the current trend of referring to the Christmas season as the Holiday season. This trend has been building for a few years now, but it has finally overtaken the traditional name. A lot of people hate this trend, but a much louder portion of the public sees the continuation of the Christmas name as an invasion of religion. The other trend this article reports on is the Green trend. Even though the 360 LEDs won't really affect the emissions of the "Holiday" tree, the article was still printed. I suppose the basis of the article was to tell people that the tree will be entirely LED next year, but then that information should have been farther up in the article.