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The Golden Vaulted Ceilings of Edina

The homebuilding trend for the past few years has been to buy a decrepit house on salvageable land, knock it down, and then build an incredible hulking behemoth in its place. This has the result of making the rest of the neighborhood look worse in comparison. These old, single family homes were affordable and remain that way. But the gigantic castles that people are building today ruin the atmosphere of the neighborhood, say some residents. Supporters of the giant houses say they help elderly and retired residents who stand to make tidy profits from the sale of their homes. This article balances the opposing sides well. It alternates sympathy in each chunk.
I picked this article because, to me, it is a local concern in my hometown in Illinois too. The house that went up next to mine is the biggest house in a neighborhood of huge houses. It is dark and imposing, and it supposedly cost over a million dollars. The price tag on the superlarge houses is what the people complaining about them really care about. The bigger the house, the higher the price tag, which means new families probably won't be able to afford living in that neighborhood, which keeps new blood out of the area, which makes it less desirable to live there.