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Warning: Temperatures Dropping. It Could Get Cold

An article in Sunday's Star Tribune talks about the ramifications of Vladimir Putin, Russian President's plans for his post-presidential career. The article is clearly written with the intent of making the reader think back to Cold War tensions with Soviet Russia. It mentions Stalin several times, and describes Putin's options of post-career with negative connotations. The article says that even after Putin's second term is up, he will likely still remain in some form of power, either as a prime minister, a "national leader", or become a "ruling party strongman in the mold of Josef Stalin." The latter half of the article talks about how much Putin has done, or at least claimed to do, for Russia. Interestingly, in the layout of page A6, the Putin article is sandwiched between one about Venezuela's Hugo Chavez, which talks about a vote being put forth that could, among other things, make Venezuela officially a socialist country, and an article about Iran's nuclear program. This page's layout seems tailored to produce the maximum amount of worry. Iran's nuclear program raises concern for nuclear terrorists. The Putin article suggests a return to the days of one-party communism, and the Chavez article suggests a socialist Latin America and Caribbean. Certainly, the editors of the Star Tribune wouldn't want its readership to worry too much, would they?