PASA Diversity Committee

Greetings Humphrey students!

Welcome to an exciting new semester in our community! The Public Affairs Student Association (PASA) has planned several activities for the coming months in which everyone is encouraged to participate. PASA is your student association so we hope to represent your ideas as well as address any concerns that you have while you are at Humphrey.

PASA is organized into several committees; each committee addresses different issues and concerns within the Humphrey community. I am the chair of the Diversity Committee, which is responsible for generating discussion and initiatives that value and actively promote diversity. As Diversity Committee Chair, I hold monthly meetings with staff and faculties representatives; together, we are striving to make our institution a welcoming place for all, regardless of religion, class, sexual orientation, skin color, political ideas etc.

This fall, PASA Diversity Committee has planned several exciting activities that we hope you will participate in and enjoy. If you want to improve your skills in a language or speak in your native tongue, we will be hosting language tables in the student lounge. Humphrey is home to fellows from all over the world and we will once again be hosting an “International Dialogues� series to highlight the work of our fellows. We will have the International Potluck and International Week, through which international students can share aspects of their home countries.

The Diversity Committee is an open space, so please come to the meetings and/or write me! Our activities can definitely change depending on what students want to do. Your ideas, suggestions, concerns are essential to make this committee what you want it to be. If you have ideas that you think will strengthen the diversity of the Humphrey community, let me know! I am really eager to meet the new students and to see all of the 2nd years again. Hope to see everyone in all of the fun and interesting activities that PASA has planned this semester!

Hubert H. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs