Language tables formed

Hi all! The Tables are formed! You will find below a list with the different groups and when it seems to be a good time for your meetings. The list includes names, email addresses and open times for all members of each table. Some tables have more than one day to meet because it seemed to be the best for everybody. I could match almost all of you with your peers but it is possible that the time that I chose is not your best option. I know you will nderstand that is hard to match almost 50 schedules. If I didn't include you in the lists and you sent me an email, please accept my apologies!!!! I double checked that all who email me were in the lists but omissions could happen. All what you need now is one volunteer to email the group and figure out where are you gonna meet. Consider that you always can count with our lounge room Jernberg or/and room 40, in addition to the libraries rooms. But you also have several options of restaurants, coffee shops etc in the Cedar Riverside community just a couple of blocks from the Humphrey.
I'll post the list at Jernberg and room 40. You can also can find a brief list with resources for your table below.
Hope you guys enjoy the experience!

Abi Gadea

Language Tables/Groups Download file
Resources for French Download file
Resources for German Download file
Resources for Mandarin Download file
Resources for Portuguese Downloadfile
Resources for Spanish Download file



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