Impressions of Associate Dean candidate Greg Lindsey

Yesterday, I was able to attend a one hour lunch (paid by the Humphrey!!) with one of the three candidates for the Associate Dean position, along with a few other students. Greg Lindsey is currently an Associate Dean at IUPUI. A quick bio can be found here.

Lunch started off with introductions about ourselves and why each of us chose the Humphrey. I was impressed with his interest in each of our stories and asked pertinent questions about our logic behind our choice. We also discussed subjects such as his cabin up on the North shore and the state of basketball in Indiana.

Before the end of our lunch, Greg queried each of us about one gripe we have with the Humphrey. Responses ranged from career placement assistance to worries about the U of M's research initiative. He seemed genuine about his concern for students problems and wrote them down so he may relay them to Dean Atwood.

Overall, Greg was very personable and showed a level of concern for students that was refreshing. I look forward to meeting the other candidates and recommend other students to do the same. Please comment back if you have any questions!

Hubert H. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs