Computers and Our Community

In the last few weeks, students have become aware of great news: we are getting new computers in our Humphrey computer labs before the school year starts! The best part is that student organizations, PASA and CHANCE, are working together to make sure the computers are not recycled by the University, but that they are donated to various Cedar-Riverside neighborhood non-profit organizations. The Humphrey Institute is behind this effort, but we still need to fill out all the paperwork and go through the proper processes within the university system. It is going to take some time before we actually have permission to donate the computers, BUT, it should happen as everyone at the Humphrey is positive about the idea of donating our computers to the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood. Will Bear is acting as the Institute contact for the remainder of this project. A meeting will be held on Monday, July 21st with Will Bear to continue the process.

If you are curious, the policy for donation at the University can be found here:

Community organizations are being notified of the possibility for donations and are being asked for letters which would state how the computers will benefit their organizations and the community. A small committee of PASA members and CHANCE members will be formed to review the requests from organizations and decide how many computers each organization will receive.

This is an exciting opportunity to continue to support and foster our university and community partnerships. PASA and CHANCE will work to keep everyone up-to-date on how things proceed!


What is the donation process?
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