About Our Blog

Welcome to the weblog of PASA, the Public Affairs Student Association. Pasa serves the student body of the Hubert H. Humphrey Institute to help strengthen community through our efforts in organizing engaging events, evaluating and providing input on curriculum changes and Institute operations, and acting as the advocate of the student body within the Institute, the grad school, the University, and the wider community.

2009 Executive Board

  • President

    matt-henry.jpg Lucas Hollenkamp
  • Vice-President

    matt-henry.jpg Abdul Omari
  • Secretary

    yoshi-ludwig.jpg Megan Evans
  • Treasurer

    eric-kasper.jpg Nick Petersen
  • MPP Representative

    sandhya-agrawal.jpg Adrienne Alexander
  • MURP Representative

    brant-birkeland.jpg Noel Nix
  • MS-STEP Representative

    matt-henry.jpg Kelly Wilder
  • Community Engagement Officer

    desiree-culpitt.jpg Anne E. Johnson
  • Career Development Officer

    tanya-belanger.jpg Jasmine Blanks
  • Technology Officer

    dan-craigie.jpg Ken Savary
  • Diversity Chair

    maria-gaona.jpg Aaron Jefferson
  • Social Events Officer

    katie-roth.jpg Cynthia Yuen
  • Hubert H. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs