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Study Session and Other Groups

Hey CLA 1001,

The people who came to my "office hour" today had the idea to start a facebook group for those people on the facebook. I just started it, it is FIG PSYCH, so if you search for it you can join up. It's picture is a plate of food.

For people who are not on Facebook, i will post any discussion on the blog from it.

I am also giving you all a link to "campus events" that are coming up, so check that out!

the link is: http://events.tc.umn.edu/months.xml There are a TON of events.

****Keep in mind that not all of these events may fill the requirements the assignment asks for, so look over the info first****

Also for those of you who live in University Sponsered Housing, your C.A.s and Halls have events going on ALL THE TIME. There are programs pretty much weekly.

Remember this Blog is a great place to post study group times and locations, i encourage you to do it!

I am out