October 4, 2006

Study Session and Other Groups

Hey CLA 1001,

The people who came to my "office hour" today had the idea to start a facebook group for those people on the facebook. I just started it, it is FIG PSYCH, so if you search for it you can join up. It's picture is a plate of food.

For people who are not on Facebook, i will post any discussion on the blog from it.

I am also giving you all a link to "campus events" that are coming up, so check that out!

the link is: There are a TON of events.

****Keep in mind that not all of these events may fill the requirements the assignment asks for, so look over the info first****

Also for those of you who live in University Sponsered Housing, your C.A.s and Halls have events going on ALL THE TIME. There are programs pretty much weekly.

Remember this Blog is a great place to post study group times and locations, i encourage you to do it!

I am out

Study Skills Resources

Are you concerned that the note-taking, study, and test-taking skills you've developed thus far are not sufficient for college-level exectations? Want to brush up on those skills that will help you succeed better in your classes. Check out these helpful resources...

First, check out this Study Skills Self-Inventory to figure how what study skills you are good at and which ones you might need help with: Download file.

Also, check out this document, which reviews some important college study techniques: Download file.

This resource gives tips on what to do before, during, and after class to write good notes: Download file.

Go to this link to learn about some time-tested noting taking systems: Download file.

Finally, check out this resource for help preparing and studying for your tests: Download file.

October 3, 2006

Faculty Contacts for Faculty Interview

As promised, below are some faculty members you may choose to contact for your faculty interview. These people have interviewed with CLA 1001 students in the past, but have not been ask this semester whether they want to participate. Hence, as with any faculty member, be sure to tell the person you contact why you are asking for an interview.

Michael Maratsos (Professor, Child Psychology)
208B Inst of Child Dvlp Bldg
Office Ph: 612-624-1027

Herb Pick (Professor, Child Psychology)
206B Inst of Child Dvlp Bldg
Office Ph: 612-624-2062

Randy Fletcher (Associate Professor, Psychology)
N218 Elliott Hall
Office Ph: 612-625-6096

Jonathan Gewirtz (Assistant Professor, Psychology)
N218 Elliott Hall
Office Ph: 612-625-6653

Marti Gonzales (Associate Professor, Psychology)
N218 Elliott Hall
Office Ph: 612-625-9035

Benjamin Munson (Associate Professor, Speech-Language-Hearing Science)
115 Shevlin Hall
Office Ph: 612-624-3322

Robert Schlauch (Associate Professor, Speech-Language-Hearing Science)
115 Shevlin Hall
Office Ph: 612-624-7001

Of course, you don't have to limit yourself to these professors. You could ask to interview a professor in one of your non-FIG courses. Or you can use Class Search ( to identify a professor in a major that you are interested in.

Be sure to review the Faculty Interview Assignment description before you contact a faculty member. Remember, the faculty member you interview must be a professor (not a teaching assistant) and cannot be one who teaches one of your FIG courses. Be professional, courteous, and respectful of the faculty member’s time. Seek the faculty member’s permission to interview him or her before you appear. Try to meet the faculty member during his or her office hours. If you want to tape the interview, be sure to ask the person before recording. Let him or her know how much time you’ll take (probably about a half hour) and try to stick to that timeframe. If you think you need to take longer than the agreed time, ask the faculty member if this is okay. Thank the faculty member when you are done.

Email me with the person you intend to interview, your focus or angle (what you want to learn about) for the interview, and three original questions you will ask related to your focus. These emails are due by the end of the day on October 11.

September 12, 2006

Get to know your T.A.

HI! I am Jason, your T.A. for CLA 1001. I thought I would take this time to tell you all a little about myself, and about how I can help you out. I am going to talk about my experiences at the University with First-Year Students. My involvement at the U, some of my background, and what I hope to offer you.

First, I have been working in the Orientation & First-Year Programs since my freshman year. I have been a New Student Weekend Leader, a New Student Weekend Co-Chair, an Orientation Leader, and I am now working for Housing and Residential life as a Community Advisor in Frontier Hall (Holla).

I have been involved in a few things at the U from campus jobs, to clubs, and organizations. I currently hold a cabinet position in my Fraternity (not frat, frat is a dirty four letter word), and I baby sit off campus.

I am 22, from Duluth Minnesota. I am a HUGE Packer Fan, but I don’t like watching football (it is weird, but I’d rather play). I am on Facebook. I have two stuffed animals here on campus with me, their names are P.J. (a Giraffe), and Slush ( a Husky). On Wednesdays you will probably see me dressing with some formality (I.E. shirt, and tie, or nice shirt, and sports coat) but that is only because my mom said I have to. That is right, I am 22, and my mom still tells me what to wear.

If you ever have questions about anything on/off campus, about the class, or about anything in general, please just give me an E-mail. Or come have coffee with me during my office hours.

See You all on Wednesday in Blegen room 5 (for real this time).

Jason Griffiths

September 6, 2006

Campus Events

This post provides connections to campus events you can attend to fulfill the Attend 2 Campus Events Assignment. Click here for an Excel spreadsheet listing a number of great events. Or click here to see a biweekly listing of applicable UPCOMING EVENTS & WORKSHOPS listed on the Psychological Sciences Student Community newsletter.