October 2, 2006


WHAT IS UP CLA 1001!!! I have a few reminders for ya!



1. Remember you have to meet with your proffessor or T.A. before October 25th
2. You have to do 2 campus events
3. Faculty Interview Information Due Oct 11th (10 days away)
4. Major Exloration Assignmen Due November 8th
5. Faculty Interview 2 page Paper Due November 29th


The following assignments must be completed by Wednesday, October 25:

One of the two required office hour visits with your CLA 1001 instructor/teaching assistant

Attend one campus event (e.g., programs, workshops, etc) and write about your experiences in a 500-word journal.

Unraveling the Libraries Sessions
Unravel 1: Orientation to the Libraries & Tour of Wilson Library (Go to to register.)


I will not be in my Office Hours this week on friday!! I will be availible After Class on Wednesday. This is a great oppertunity to get that "Meet with your instructor/T.A." assignment out of the way for the first half of the semester.

September 18, 2006

Office Hour Visit Assignment

Hey students!

Remember that one of your CLA 1001 assignments is to visit with both me (your instructor) and Jason (your TA) during our office hours. You must complete one visit by Oct. 25 and the second by Dec. 6. Just come up with a class related question, whether it be about future assignments or your adjustment to campus, and stop on in. Check your syllabus for the places and times in which our office hours are held. The semester will go quickly, so consider meeting with us this week!

September 12, 2006

Assignment due Sept. 15.

Remember that our first assignment is due on September 15. See (Liberal Arts Article & Response) for information on how to complete this assignment.

September 6, 2006

Student Information Inventory

For those students who missed the first day of CLA 1001, please click here, open the Word document, print it out, and complete this Student Information Inventory. We will return to our small classroom in 240 Blegen Hall on September 20, so turn this in then.

Welcome to CLA 1001

Hi folks! Welcome to the CLA 1001 blog for the Perspectives on Identity FIG group. On this site, you'll find all sorts of information and updates related to CLA 1001. As new posts are added, they'll be included in one of the categories to the right, so if you're looking for something, there's the place to go. To make our course as paperless as possible, most handouts and assignment descriptions will be listed on the blog. The "Assignments" category will include information specifically related to assignments. The "Course Documents" category will hold useful documents such as the course syllabus. "Resources" will include various information useful to new college students. As the blog expands, take a look around. Or post your own comments or entries; you're all of the students registered for this CLA 1001 class are limited authors on this blog, so if you have anything to add, go ahead! (Students: be sure to include your comments in the "Student Comments" category).