December 15, 2005

Final Refelction

Over all I would have to say that I really have had a good experience in this class. To be perfectly honest, I thought this was just another class that I would just try go through without picking up any major thought provoking ideas. I was completely intrigued by the idea of the tipping point. I believe that was my favorite. I learned a lot of interesting idea in that discussion and it is something that I have taken into my life. I also like doing the research on the leaders from the past and learning about their leadership theories. I really do think that I would have learned a lot more if there was more discussion in class about what those theories really mean. I truly did not understand all of the theories in depth as much as I would have liked to. I also think there should be at lease one current leader that we can talk about. Sometimes "history" gets a little boring. I think the fish market thing was something I did not enjoy as much. I thought it was very weird how the story was fake and I for some reason just did not like that motivational methods taught by the creative Mary Jane was very stimulating to the mind. Emotional intelligence was something I had never really heard of before and I was really glad that I was able to learn so many ways that I can take into the future in my work. Overall, I think class was very enjoyable and I learned a lot.

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December 14, 2005

In a Rut

Have you been in a rut like Mary Jane (or Hem and Haw)? What strategies do
you use or could you use to be more creative, be more adaptable to change,
and improve your overall attitude and outlook?

I can totally relate with Mary Jane being in a rut. I am very active in my Hindu temple. I am the youth coordinator. We have weekly gathering where we discuss culture religion and other traditional values. However some of the topics become dull through reading or lectures. What I try to do most of the time is something that professors or teachers do. I will gather discussion questions and current events that can relate to the topic at hand. Also something creative that I have done is to bring speakers that will talk about college related materials, or career related issues. I think this has brought much recurrent attendance every week, which was problem in the beginning. I think the new ideas have brought motivation to the youths to be proactive to take on responsibilities. I think giving a new event or activity for people to look forward to every week. It helps them get motivated to learn about things that may seem menotnous.

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Something that has tipped.

In relation to my blog about what I thought about the tipping point book, I believe that the epidemic of tobacco chewing young kids has tipped in India. Tobacco companies are highly responsible for this tipping point due to their strategic advertising. From my research, 54% of the kids in the southern Indian state, Karala, are addicted to chewing tobacco. The parts of India are starting to experience the same trend. Largely, this has to do with the advertising. At this point there are no bars held on the advertising. Small packets of chewing tobacco have skimpily dressed bollywood actresses to help advertise young kids between the ages of 12-15. Public sponsorships are also endorsed by tobacco companies, which are sometimes targeted towards events that involve kids. The epidemic is getting to the tipping point. The tipping point’s law of the few inspired me and as I mentioned in the previous blog I believe I can make a difference in this massive tipping point.

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December 10, 2005

Tipping Point Book

Talk about the Tipping Point - anything you'd like to mention, e.g., something that inspired you or made you think or worried you.

I like the Tipping Point book very much. I thought it had all the right ingredients that a book should have. It was very interesting, it was relative to the class, and it was very informative. I think the best thing about the book was the Law of the Few in the Power of Context Chapter. I was really amazed at the story about the New York crimes. I was unaware of this project that went on and I that was definitely something inspiring to me. I believe there are many people in he world just like me that sometimes believe that there is nothing that they can do or believe that one person or one act is way too small to make a difference. From reading this story I was very much motivated to follow up on an epidemic that I thought was uncontrollable by me. I did a presentation in another rhetoric class in which I talked about the epidemic of chewing tobacco in youths in India. At first I took the information and just thought that it was a shame that majority for the kids in middle schools are addicts of chewing tobacco and did not really think that I could do anything about. After reading the inspiring story I have a made arrangements to go to India during the summer through UROP (University Research Opportunities Program) to do research on the economic effects on this fast moving and dangerous epidemic. By doing this research I hope to help gain more awareness in throughout India and rest of the world and hopefully help India rid of this epidemic through providing education to youths of the dangers of this nasty habits.
I truly believe that this probably one of the most important book that I have read in my time at this university and it is a shame that more classes aren't providing resources that are this educational. It was certainly a motivating factor for me and have recommended it to many peers of mine.

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Teach the Class

After the “Teach the Class? Presentation, what are you discovering about yourself in the group process (e.g., roles, communication process, social competencies, motivation level, strengths, weaknesses, attitudes, critiques of others, regrets) and, based on what you discovered, what will you do differently in future team projects?

I discovered quite a few things from paying attention to my role in the group during "teach the class assignment. I found myself to be shifting roles quite often. I came into the project thinking I have to be the leader as I always do. At first I did try taking the leader role but a greater enforcer with better knowledge ended up taking the role, which led me ease up a whole lot on the group. I am sometimes hard on a group if things aren't accomplished on time and don't fit the assignment. I was really glad someone took over the leadership role because in this project we had a lot of that. I really enjoyed just getting my portion of the project done and sending it to the leader who put it all together.
I have always felt that I had tough time with communicating with group members but what I noticed is that I was the one always trying to reach my group member to see where things are and get an update. I found that not too many people responded to my emails and requests. From this I learned that I am better communicator than I thought I was in comparison with my group members. It felt as if I was the leader again because of my constant need to make sure things are going to happen as we planned and hence this is the reason why I say that I found my self shifting roles often.
I think the most important thing I learned is that even when i am not the designated leader in the group, I keep the mentality of how I believe the group should be lead or expect the way i believe it should be lead. This is something I look forward to in the future to resolve and learn to accept the tasks of my role and try to let things that I am not responsible work itself out.

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October 27, 2005

Breeze (Week 8 Bolg)

Working with breeze was a new yet familiar experience. I though it would be like a chat room before I logged in. To my surprise though, it was much more than that. I was really impressed with live video and audio feed. I also liked how Aimee was able to monitor all the rooms and get back to us with any question as soon as it was possible. All in all I was really impressed with the technology. I knew it was feasible but never received chance to use it. I thought that using it for a classroom was an excellent idea.
There were quite a few things that were confusing. Firs of all I think the biggest problem with my group was that nobody ever showed up in the Breeze rooms for a variety reasons. So it was difficult getting anything done when the group was not there. The other problem I had was that I was logged in twice because i thought it didn't work the first time. Later I was unable to leave a room because I was logged in twice. By the time I was in the right room it was almost time to end class but it was okay because none of my group members were able to log into Breeze.
I still really enjoyed the experience because I think it would be a great way for distant learners to attend a structured classroom via internet. I believe all things come with difficulty and turmoil at first but once we get used to a routine, then things start falling the way you want to. I am sure that in the future I will have the chance to use this form of communication in either class, work or in the social part of my life. I look forward to the experience. I hope that I can use what I learned today and be more patient next time and solve the problems that way. Getting work done is also something I look forward the next time I use this type of technology.

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October 20, 2005

Goleman Reflection

Over all I like this book. I think it provided me with great basis to bigin with in dealing with teams and individually in my social life and in my choice of career. I think the best part of it was that there are so many ways you can take an advice and use it in different situations. For example, I liked when Goleman talked about motivation being used in group situation. he describes how to motivate the group but I took a lot of the advice on motivation for my personal use. I think the majority of the book is common sense. Most of the things that he talks are about common etiquettes that we should already know. However, the overall concept of emotional intellegence was fascinating and something I never thought of as being that deep.

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October 13, 2005

Dysfunctional Role

If I had to pick a a dysfuntional tole that I belong it would be the pleaser. I am an opinionated person however when it comes to working on task in a group of peoople that I barely know or need to be professional with I tend to avoid conflict. I fall into the wishes of my group members most of the time rahter than express my own feelings. I do this because I seem to think that giving into wishes of other members it will help us all work at a more efficient rate. At work I always work with people who are more experienced than me however, I am the one who usually comes with initial suggestions on how to go about starting the project. Most of the time ther is input on how things should be different and I tend to take all of their suggestions without hesitation. Sometimes I have found that the original idea that we started with, is the one that we go back and start all over. to avoid being the pleaser I can probably speak up if I truely believe that my opinion or idea is the best method in proceeding with our tasks. I could also try to speak with at least one of the members in the group and see what they think of my opinion. I think the main way for me to stop being the pleaser is to speak up more often and express how I feel.

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October 3, 2005

Personal Mission Statement

MISSION STATEMENT: In each day of my life I want to live life to the fullest, be thankful, and be humble, with balancing fun, family, career and friends.

I really had a tough time in develioping a "life" mission statement because I am the type of person who doesn't try to think too far in advance. I always think about the task at hand and at this point it is school and career hunting. This mission statement demands my role as a team member in every category. Whether it be my role as a supportive family member or a co-worker in my career, being a team member is important in the entire aspect my life's mission statement.

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September 20, 2005

Fujishin Inventory

In the first part of the inventory it asks about who you are. I replied with all my answers as to be adjectives describing what I am like on a daily basis. There weren't any nouns and that because I believe I am those adjectives I wrote down on a daily basis in any situation not just as a friend or a student.
In the section "what do you believe, I was able to write down 5 things but not at ease. It may mean that I hold a lot of trust. However, I wrote down more ideas than people. So i am guessing that this mean I don't have trust in people too much besides my family. Most of my beliefs are in ideas and concepts.
In the section "Six months to live" I wrote down a lot of activities. I am an active guy and most of my interests in life involves being active. There are some dangerous activities that I want to accomplish so this may mean that I am only holding back because of the longevity of life has to offer.
My communication behavior is the weakest in the part of sharing my feeling with other people. I already knew this about myself. Others have also agreed with me in this matter. I however it better through keeping my most inner thoughts to myself rather than sharing with others. I do this because I believe this is what makes a person unique. I like the fact of not knowing what other are really like on the inside. It makes it more of a challenge for me to figure out who they really are. So I want the same for others to feel about me.
After writing down my weaknesses in communication, I found out that I am not an open person and that is sometimes why people feel am not a good communicator on a personal level. However, most of my communication weaknesses are dealing on personal level except for nervousness which happens in front of class.
In the thanksgiving list, I discovered that I am thankful for all the things that come from my family. They have provided so much for me such as a place for me live at and eat to be physically healthy. They have provided great environments for me expand my mind and be educated in. Finally they have shown me how to be spiritually involved in the temple and out of the temple.

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