September 20, 2005

Fujishin Inventory

In the first part of the inventory it asks about who you are. I replied with all my answers as to be adjectives describing what I am like on a daily basis. There weren't any nouns and that because I believe I am those adjectives I wrote down on a daily basis in any situation not just as a friend or a student.
In the section "what do you believe, I was able to write down 5 things but not at ease. It may mean that I hold a lot of trust. However, I wrote down more ideas than people. So i am guessing that this mean I don't have trust in people too much besides my family. Most of my beliefs are in ideas and concepts.
In the section "Six months to live" I wrote down a lot of activities. I am an active guy and most of my interests in life involves being active. There are some dangerous activities that I want to accomplish so this may mean that I am only holding back because of the longevity of life has to offer.
My communication behavior is the weakest in the part of sharing my feeling with other people. I already knew this about myself. Others have also agreed with me in this matter. I however it better through keeping my most inner thoughts to myself rather than sharing with others. I do this because I believe this is what makes a person unique. I like the fact of not knowing what other are really like on the inside. It makes it more of a challenge for me to figure out who they really are. So I want the same for others to feel about me.
After writing down my weaknesses in communication, I found out that I am not an open person and that is sometimes why people feel am not a good communicator on a personal level. However, most of my communication weaknesses are dealing on personal level except for nervousness which happens in front of class.
In the thanksgiving list, I discovered that I am thankful for all the things that come from my family. They have provided so much for me such as a place for me live at and eat to be physically healthy. They have provided great environments for me expand my mind and be educated in. Finally they have shown me how to be spiritually involved in the temple and out of the temple.

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