October 13, 2005

Dysfunctional Role

If I had to pick a a dysfuntional tole that I belong it would be the pleaser. I am an opinionated person however when it comes to working on task in a group of peoople that I barely know or need to be professional with I tend to avoid conflict. I fall into the wishes of my group members most of the time rahter than express my own feelings. I do this because I seem to think that giving into wishes of other members it will help us all work at a more efficient rate. At work I always work with people who are more experienced than me however, I am the one who usually comes with initial suggestions on how to go about starting the project. Most of the time ther is input on how things should be different and I tend to take all of their suggestions without hesitation. Sometimes I have found that the original idea that we started with, is the one that we go back and start all over. to avoid being the pleaser I can probably speak up if I truely believe that my opinion or idea is the best method in proceeding with our tasks. I could also try to speak with at least one of the members in the group and see what they think of my opinion. I think the main way for me to stop being the pleaser is to speak up more often and express how I feel.

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