December 10, 2005

Tipping Point Book

Talk about the Tipping Point - anything you'd like to mention, e.g., something that inspired you or made you think or worried you.

I like the Tipping Point book very much. I thought it had all the right ingredients that a book should have. It was very interesting, it was relative to the class, and it was very informative. I think the best thing about the book was the Law of the Few in the Power of Context Chapter. I was really amazed at the story about the New York crimes. I was unaware of this project that went on and I that was definitely something inspiring to me. I believe there are many people in he world just like me that sometimes believe that there is nothing that they can do or believe that one person or one act is way too small to make a difference. From reading this story I was very much motivated to follow up on an epidemic that I thought was uncontrollable by me. I did a presentation in another rhetoric class in which I talked about the epidemic of chewing tobacco in youths in India. At first I took the information and just thought that it was a shame that majority for the kids in middle schools are addicts of chewing tobacco and did not really think that I could do anything about. After reading the inspiring story I have a made arrangements to go to India during the summer through UROP (University Research Opportunities Program) to do research on the economic effects on this fast moving and dangerous epidemic. By doing this research I hope to help gain more awareness in throughout India and rest of the world and hopefully help India rid of this epidemic through providing education to youths of the dangers of this nasty habits.
I truly believe that this probably one of the most important book that I have read in my time at this university and it is a shame that more classes aren't providing resources that are this educational. It was certainly a motivating factor for me and have recommended it to many peers of mine.

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