December 14, 2005

Something that has tipped.

In relation to my blog about what I thought about the tipping point book, I believe that the epidemic of tobacco chewing young kids has tipped in India. Tobacco companies are highly responsible for this tipping point due to their strategic advertising. From my research, 54% of the kids in the southern Indian state, Karala, are addicted to chewing tobacco. The parts of India are starting to experience the same trend. Largely, this has to do with the advertising. At this point there are no bars held on the advertising. Small packets of chewing tobacco have skimpily dressed bollywood actresses to help advertise young kids between the ages of 12-15. Public sponsorships are also endorsed by tobacco companies, which are sometimes targeted towards events that involve kids. The epidemic is getting to the tipping point. The tipping point’s law of the few inspired me and as I mentioned in the previous blog I believe I can make a difference in this massive tipping point.

Posted by at December 14, 2005 7:39 PM