December 14, 2005

In a Rut

Have you been in a rut like Mary Jane (or Hem and Haw)? What strategies do
you use or could you use to be more creative, be more adaptable to change,
and improve your overall attitude and outlook?

I can totally relate with Mary Jane being in a rut. I am very active in my Hindu temple. I am the youth coordinator. We have weekly gathering where we discuss culture religion and other traditional values. However some of the topics become dull through reading or lectures. What I try to do most of the time is something that professors or teachers do. I will gather discussion questions and current events that can relate to the topic at hand. Also something creative that I have done is to bring speakers that will talk about college related materials, or career related issues. I think this has brought much recurrent attendance every week, which was problem in the beginning. I think the new ideas have brought motivation to the youths to be proactive to take on responsibilities. I think giving a new event or activity for people to look forward to every week. It helps them get motivated to learn about things that may seem menotnous.

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