December 15, 2005

Final Refelction

Over all I would have to say that I really have had a good experience in this class. To be perfectly honest, I thought this was just another class that I would just try go through without picking up any major thought provoking ideas. I was completely intrigued by the idea of the tipping point. I believe that was my favorite. I learned a lot of interesting idea in that discussion and it is something that I have taken into my life. I also like doing the research on the leaders from the past and learning about their leadership theories. I really do think that I would have learned a lot more if there was more discussion in class about what those theories really mean. I truly did not understand all of the theories in depth as much as I would have liked to. I also think there should be at lease one current leader that we can talk about. Sometimes "history" gets a little boring. I think the fish market thing was something I did not enjoy as much. I thought it was very weird how the story was fake and I for some reason just did not like that motivational methods taught by the creative Mary Jane was very stimulating to the mind. Emotional intelligence was something I had never really heard of before and I was really glad that I was able to learn so many ways that I can take into the future in my work. Overall, I think class was very enjoyable and I learned a lot.

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