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June 22, 2009


Although he continues to want to be held constantly, the little guy is starting to mobilize. He is almost six months old, and at about 5 months he began rolling over. However, recently, these "rolling times" have been occurring nonstop! I put him on his stomache in the middle of our living room the other day with a toy and quickly ran to the bathroom. Returning, I glanced at the living room and saw non baby! Looking closer in the room, I found him on his back about 5 feet from where I had left him, and facing the other direction. Yea, this might seem lame to those reading, but believe me; to my wife and I the kid may as well be training for the olympics with his new moves!

Also a few other updates: It should be noted that John is quite possibily the most spoiled baby out there. Lets review. John sleeps in our bed, and sleeps in the middle of mom and dad. To get to sleep, the little guy first needs to be fed a massive meal and then some tastey milk to wash everything down. Next, he needs to be rocked. After being rocked to a near sleep, he needs to be wrapped in his blanket and laid in the middle of the bed. The kicker, is that in order for him to fall asleep, he needs to be holding either mom or dad's hand. I think we are in trouble! John also likes being held constantly, and is happy the minute that he is picked up.

Lately, John has been spending lots of time with Grandma Jana during the days when mom and dad are working. He loves going to Grandma's and being introduced to new and exciting things! One of his favorite activites at Grandma's is to play outside in the sand box. He loves the feeling of sand squishing in his fingers. He also gets lots of attention over there with his two aunties usually being home as well to help watch him. Of course Sabo (the family dog) is a little jealous and thinks that John is a new puppy, but he has been good, putting up with a few pulls of the tail and pokes in the eyes.

Mom and dad are working hard lately in hopes to soon buy a house. Caroline works in the ealry childhood learning center at Nativity of Our Lord Catholic Church and has just been offerred a lead teaching role for next year! She loves her job, and comes home with many interesting stories. Ryan is currently working as an internal auditor for a food services company while going to school full time. He will graduate in December, and has been offerred full time employment at Abdo, Eick and Meyers Certified Public Accountants for this coming fall of 2009. He is planning on taking the CPA exam immediately following graduation, and can't wait to be done with school.

June 11, 2009


If you haven't been introduced to FML, check this out. Maybe you already use it in your life. I know for me it is something uttered more than once a day. Take yesterday for instance when I was changing my son. For some reason the kid thinks he is a nudist, and he is damn proud of it. The second you take his clothes off the guy is instantly happy and smiling from ear to ear. With no sense of modesty, I think my wife and I are in for some trouble in years to come. Anyway, while changing him, I took his diaper off and he began smiling from ear to ear so I decided to let him enjoy the breeze a little bit... then I felt something wet. By the time I had gotten a wipe over his dink he had created a beautiful watermark on his nursery wall. FML! Or, if you are one of those slower learners, take the following example: My son also loves baths, so being the wonderful mother she is, my wife decided to let the guy have an extended swim session in the tub the other day. Usually it is normal for him to do some grunting as he does the hundred meter backstroke, however, this time he wasn't grunting due to his olympic work out, no no. Lets just say the water was slightly poluted. He giggled and smiled. FML. Check it out. its a good read, and some of the stories will make you think that maybe your life isn't so bad after all.

Who am I

Well... I guess the necessary thing to do with these things is to make some sort of introduction. I am a senior in college pursuing a degree in accounting. I currently work full time, go to school full time and my wife and I have a 5 month old baby at home... 'nough said!