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If you haven't been introduced to FML, check this out. Maybe you already use it in your life. I know for me it is something uttered more than once a day. Take yesterday for instance when I was changing my son. For some reason the kid thinks he is a nudist, and he is damn proud of it. The second you take his clothes off the guy is instantly happy and smiling from ear to ear. With no sense of modesty, I think my wife and I are in for some trouble in years to come. Anyway, while changing him, I took his diaper off and he began smiling from ear to ear so I decided to let him enjoy the breeze a little bit... then I felt something wet. By the time I had gotten a wipe over his dink he had created a beautiful watermark on his nursery wall. FML! Or, if you are one of those slower learners, take the following example: My son also loves baths, so being the wonderful mother she is, my wife decided to let the guy have an extended swim session in the tub the other day. Usually it is normal for him to do some grunting as he does the hundred meter backstroke, however, this time he wasn't grunting due to his olympic work out, no no. Lets just say the water was slightly poluted. He giggled and smiled. FML. Check it out. www.Fmylife.com its a good read, and some of the stories will make you think that maybe your life isn't so bad after all.