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Motorboating and the Fourth of July

A few weeks ago, John learned how to make a motorboat sound with his mouth. Yes, I am proud to say that I taught him that. Since he has learned it he constantly does it...including while being fed his baby food. Motorboating and baby food = food everywhere and an unhappy mom.

We recently traveled up to Lake 26 for the fourth of July with the extended family and had a great time. John went swimming for his first time in the lake and absolutely loved it! Although his swimming attire was questionably unmanly, we will let it slide for now. John also enjoyed playing on the beach and really likes squishing the sand in his hands. The fireworks didn't seem to bother him either. John really likes attention, and needs to be the center of it. With all his aunts and cousins at the lake, there was certainly no shortage of attention to be given to the little man. Here are some pics


its a nice traveling experience shared by you..