April 19, 2005

Taking a ride on tha HI Li Rail....


This was my first time riding the Light Rail her in Minnesota. The ride was pretty much what I expected it to be. I use to live in the Bronx, New York and we always took the subways, and this seemed pretty simular to me. Of course there was no graffiti, and it was a lot cleaner and it didnt have a certain repulsive smell either. I got off on the stop that was off of Henipen and 6th, I think. I am bad with the streets Downtown Minneapolis. to me the station looks a little plain. It wasnt very fancy, there was just a platform and some tracks next to an old building. The stop looks like it is incomplete and under constuction like most places in that area of Downtown Minneapolis. I definately experience Somnamulism when I drive past this Light Rail Stop.

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April 5, 2005

Yellow Arrow part2


My second location for a Yellow Arrow would be in my room. I LOVE Hip-Hop music, whether it be R&B, Gangster rap, Conscious rap, even a little Crunk music. If it has a nice beat and the lyrics are tight, I'm all over it. I have a large collection of CD's and on my wall I have constructed a collage of some of my CD's. It is not quite finished yet but by the time I am done it will spread across the whole wall top to bottom and end to end....

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Yellow Arrow in STP


If I were to place a Yellow Arrow anywhere in Minnesota it would be Downtown St. Paul over by the Mississippi River. This has been one of my most favorite spots since high school. If I ever have something weighing heavy on my mind or I just need to get away and be by myself this has been my haven. I also found this is a nice quite spot to take a date to do a little star gazing.

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