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Classes and such

OK, school.

What is my major, and what classes will I be taking? Well, I am currently after an economics major / philosophy minor and my class schedule looks something like this:

STAT 3011 - Intro Statistical Analysis - 4 CR - MWF 9-10 and Thursday 11-12.
Describing data/relationships. Discrete/continuous random variables. Sampling distributions. Confidence intervals. 1-/2-sample significance tests. Simple linear regression.

PHIL 3601W - Scientific Thought - 4 CR - TTh 12:45-2.
Introduction to philosophical issues concerning the nature of scientific knowledge. Reading of historical and contemporary sources that describe major scientific achievements and controversies.

PHIL 3001W - History of Philosophy: Ancient - 4 CR - MWF 1-2 and Tuesday 11-12.
Major developments in ancient Greek philosophic thought: pre-Socrates, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Hellenistic thinkers.

MATH 1271 - Calculus I - 4 CR - MTWThF 230-330.
Differential calculus of functions of a single variable. Introduction to integral calculus of a single variable, separable differential equations. Applications: max-min, related rates, area, volume, arc-length.

One thing you may be wondering: if I’m going for Economics, why no econ classes? Good question, and the answer lies within the halls of Calculus I. I can’t take Intermediate-Micro econ withour Calculus, and I cant take any (most) other econ courses without micro/macro. So I’m getting Statistics and Philosophy out of the way. One other thing. I haven’t yet met the language requirement (I’m still 2 semesters short) but I couldn’t get in this semester because everything was full. So that set me back a bit, but I’ll get another Philosophy class in now.

Till Tomarrow.