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One day to go.

I haven’t finished the ‘about me’ articles, and I won’t be doing that now. Since I published the second part my life has been crazy. I worked almost right up until moving day(s), which was last Wednesday and Thursday, and have been moving in since. We moved from Brainerd to an apartment is West St Paul.

Moving was nuts. I rented one 12 X 6 U-Haul trailer for the move, and with 5 other vehicles (including the one pulling the trailer) hauling stuff I figured it would be enough. We only had a 2 bedroom apartment, there couldn’t be that much stuff, could there? Well, never underestimate the extent of your wife’s stuff.

It was getting dark Wednesday night when we realized there just wasn’t going to be enough room. That sent me on a scramble Thursday morning to try and secure another trailer. I called 6 U-Haul places before I finally found one. We had to be out by noon Thursday, so as my wife and mom were packing the vehicles that didn’t already have stuff in them, my dad and I went up to Crosby to get another trailer. I had reservations about the guy right from the beginning, as he was running this business out of his run down house, but at that point if he could get me a trailer I wouldn’t of cared if he was running it out of a tent.

So we get our trailer, get back and finish packing up. We pulled out around 1 PM, and arrived at our apartment around 4. We spent the rest of the evening unpacking what we had in our vehicles, while Ethan spent the night with Grandma. However, while we were unpacking, the U-Haul guy called and said that we had the wrong trailer and that it was supposed to go to Missouri the next morning, The lights weren’t working very well on it either, so my dad didn’t want to drive down, unload, then drive back up. So he and my mom unloaded everything at their house, packed what they could in their already packed vehicles, and drove down the next day, Friday. Michelle’s parents drove down Friday as well with the trailer, and we spent almost all Friday unpacking.

My parents spent the night on our hide-a-bed and we went to the state fair on Saturday. They went back home that night, filled up their van with the stuff still in their house, and drove back down yesterday. Now, were almost completely moved in, albeit with stuff lying everywhere.