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My commute

The ride in this morning went quite smoothly. My first class isn’t until 11:15 but I wanted to come in as if I had a class at 9, like I will every other day, just to check commute times. I didn’t leave until 7:55, while my goal was 7:30, but I still would have made it to my 9:00 on time just because I never had to wait.

My commute goes something like this: I leave my apartment and hop on HWY 110 in West St. Paul. I take that over to the Fort Snelling 'Park and Ride' for the Light Rail. HWY 110 might turn into HWY 55 somewhere there, but it is pretty much a straight shot. I park and walk to the station. Thanks to my U-Pass I don’t have to purchase a ticket, and I can hop right on, as I did this morning. Right when I walked up to the station the train arrived, which really cut some time off of my commute. Had I missed that one it would have been at least another 10 minutes. The train was fairly full when I got on, as there were no seats available, and continued to fill as we traveled towards downtown Minneapolis. By the time we got to the Metrodome it was quite full. I get off at the Metrodome to catch a bus, and this morning there was a bus waiting for the train. 3 minutes later, and 35 minutes after I left my apartment, I was on the East Bank.

I think my commute this morning was a best case scenario, and I still plan to leave around 7:45 every morning to account for hold-ups. Also, it gives me time to get my stuff together, maybe check e-mail or something, every morning. Right now I’m sitting in Carlson, about 50 feet from my class that begins in 2 hours, with nothing to do. My first class is History of Ancient Philosophy at 11:15. I’ll just start skimming the books.