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I was early again this morning, 30 minutes early to be exact. This included missing the 7:57 train (they run every 10 minutes) and a 10 minute walk across the Washington St. Bridge. I know it’s better than being late, but maybe I’ll try taking the 8:17 train on Friday. The commute has been taking 30-35 minutes, so I should still be fine for my 9:05 Stat.

Speaking of my Stat class, I just got out, and I think Calculus has been confirmed as the boar of this semester. Stat looks like it is going to be fairly easy. The prof said that it was fairly math-lite, and it’s more learning how to use a variety of formula’s, when to use them, and simply plugging numbers in.

I just found out I have quite a break between classes on MWF. My Stat gets out at 10 and my next class, Ancient Philosophy, doesn’t start until 1:25. So I’m going to do a bit more exploring of the East Bank, specifically the Walter Library, rent a locker from Coffman Union so I’m not carrying books I won’t need everyday (i.e. The Basic Works of Aristotle,) and work on the second section of my math homework. I only got one section done last night, and it was discouraging because it was doing simple stuff that I should remember but I’m having a semi-hard time with it. For example, I had problems remembering what the point-slope equation and slope-intercept equation formulas were, or used for. It will come back.

Anyway, I’m going to get over to the library. I need to print some stuff of for my 2 Philosophy classes, then get that math section done.


I wish I could get a locker. I have to carry all the day long the very heavy calculus book