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Work to Be Done

First day of classes down, but the work is certainly not over. What would a first day be without loads of homework? I’ve got an alphabet to learn, reading to be done and problems to be worked through.

I had three out of my four classes today. First was History of Ancient Philosophy, where among other things we discussed our favorite flavor of ice cream and the TA attempted to convert all to the philosophy major. Seriously though, we did get the syllabus done and some reading assigned. Also, more interestingly, I have to learn the Greek Alphabet. So I have that to look forward to. More immediately I have to get 4 chapters read in one of the books, Philosophy Before Socrates.

Next was Scientific Thought. This was a very cool intro to a class, as the prof took about a half an hour explaining how he went from hardcore science geek to philosopher, or at the least professor of philosophy. I have to read an essay titled ‘Understanding and Evaluating Theoretical Hypotheses.’ The prof seems like a fun guy, and I think this will be the class I most look forward to.

If Scientific Thought is the most looked forward to class, Calculus will probably be the least (I haven’t yet been to my Statistics class!) I am dreading working my brain back into this mode after having nothing like it all summer. I couldn’t even remember the basic forms of functions when asked (i.e. the linear function is y=mx + b.) However, the work will begin tonight as I have 2 sections to look over and work through.

I now am sitting in Coffman listening to some incredible pianist (at least I think she is good) and will soon get on the bus for the ride home. I hope to get some of the Philosophy read on the way home.