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September 1, 2007

The flying of time and the changing of things.

OK, so I just remembered that I started this blog at the beginning of fall semester last year, my first semester at the U. Though I only posted a few times, reading through the posts has given me quite the flashback, back in my first days at the U. I remember taking the picture "For Mom," riding the train up to school for the first time, my first taste of University classes like Scientific Thought with people who were not new to the U and Calculus with freshmen who were. I remember the ambition I had to get high grades, coming out of a community college where I had a 4.0 the previous 3 semesters. I also wanted to keep this blog updated continually to keep my family informed with what was going on and keep my thoughts in place.

That, quite obviously, did not happen. Calculus, among my other classes, quickly started kicking my ass and soon it was the choice between blogging and calc homework. Homework won, and rightly so. Now I'm back to school in Fall 07, and I want to give this another shot. I have a new major, philosophy, a new kid on the way, but the same outlook. My ambition is get high grades did not pan out as I slowly lost interest in econ and calc, and my grades suffered. Now I'm in a major I know I love, so my ambition to succeed with high grades has returned, though this time I have the experience to know what that is going to take. Last year I came in with the goal of graduating with honors; unfortunately that is probably not going to happen. So my goal for this year is to get my GPA above 3.0, not stress out to much, and try to have as much fun as possible in my final college year. These are realistic goals.