August 22, 2006


Yesterday I posted about my attempts to attend college from 2001 until the beginning of 2003. Today I’ll try to get through the end of 2004.

So I began attending CLC in the spring of 2003. I still wanted to go to the U in the fall, and I was making plans with my should-of-been dorm mate to live off campus. Things were going fine, not really trying to hard in any of my classes, skating by with B’s. You know, taking it easy. Then in March, over spring break, I met a local high school senior named Michelle Kienholz. We hit it off immediately.

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August 21, 2006

Hello World!

So, hey. My name is Doug Paulsen, I'm 23 years old, and I am an incoming transfer student from an out state community college, Central Lakes College. I am transferring into the College of Liberal Arts as a junior. Currently, my major is undeclared because I am missing a pre-req (Calc 1) to declare my intended major, which is Economics.

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