September 13, 2005

September 12, 2005

Midnight shoe shopping in the garden of good and EVIL

me: Soooooo what do you want to do?

ryan:I dunno man whatever is fine with me you know how we roll

Indifference the reason for early morning shoe shopping

Friday 1:00ish in the AM
Music playing
Pondering lyrical genious of Jay-Z
H to the izz O V to the izz A
Destination:Wal-Mart (superior)

all my life I have been fighting a war with time
time is a clever enemy

need to get to work on time
never enough time for play
time for school
dinner time
put things off and time makes you write blog entries 10:00 sunday night
we all fight this war and in the end we all lose knowing this I don't know why I keep fighting it.....why not just forget about obligation and not do work no school no worries just travel around the world without a care in the world....why not just be a hobo ride the rails write a book about my journey....but I am a social animal and society wants me to have a job and to wear clothes that do not give the appearance that I am homeless....
I may lose battles but something keeps me fighting the war shoes have lost the war with time
their "Treaty of Versaille" has been signed..... this much is certain

* me: Soooooo what do you want to do? *
* *
* ryan:I dunno man whatever is fine with me you know how we roll*
* *
* me: Wanna go to wal-mart? *
* *
* ryan: sure why not *

why must it be such a moral issue for me......
the shoes were not made by some little kid making ten cents an hour... right..... why is there so much thinking involved in buying shoes.... why can't I trust wal-mart why do I feel like I've been violated when I walk out to my car

*******Look at these shoes! $20********

Wal-Mart - 1

Me- 0

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September 8, 2005

Sunny Days and Jerry Garcia

Simple pleasure for the day Sitting on the back porch in the sun playing my guitar a little Uncle John's Band
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September 7, 2005

Chaos and murder strike the farm.

About three months ago my girlfriend informed me we would be getting chickens. At first I was not thrilled about this news. After a couple of weeks however I became kind of attached to them. I was very proud of my chickens or "the ladies" as I called them. My morning ritual became brush my teeth then go collect some eggs and feed them. I felt we had formed a special bond. They of course knew my arrival signaled a sizeable portion of grain. In return I enjoyed fresh eggs. One morning I went out to feed my chickens but there was no sound. I opened the door to see a flurry of feathers. The chickens had been murdered. I investegated the scene to find that the same creatures responsible for the defacing of my car had killed my chickens. This news did not affect my girlfriend as I thought being the sensitive animal lover she is. I on the other hand get very upset when I don't get my omlet.

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September 6, 2005

Midnight munchies in wild america.

So at about 2:00 am I'm sound asleep dreaming dreams of candy canes and lemon drops when I hear the sound of my car horn. Upon further investigation I find that 2 Racoons have climbed into my car and torn open the bag of cat food. I went to get them out but the door was locked. One of them stood up and looked at me I could feel it's laughing eyes burning through me as it stuffed it's little masked face with a pawful of cat chow. But in the wise words of Robert Plante "hey what can I do".

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