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New NIH Salary cap for 2010

EGMS Proposal Prep has been modified to reflect the new NIH salary cap. The salary cap for calendar year 2010 has been increased from its current $196,700 to the new salary level of $199,700. For more information on the change, check the NIH website at:


The new PRF is now in production on 3/28/10. For more information on the changes check the PRF Project webpage at: PRF.

FY 2011 Fringe Rates

EGMS updated the fringe benefit rates on 4/3/10 to reflect the new fringe rate that came with the new agreement approved 3/23/2010. The new F & A rate agreement can be found at: F & A rate agreement. The new fringe benefit rates can be found at: New Fringe Rates.
Call the EGMS Helpline at x41600 for more info.

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