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Tuesday 5/4/2010 Entry

Today I saw a funny sight...a dog playing tug of war with his owner using his leash while trying to walk. It made me think of my brothers dog Buck when I try to walk him.

Monday 5/3/2010 Entry

Today I saw a clown walking around the mall. I wonder if he got lost from the circus that was this weekend? Hmm... song of the day is Welcome to the Jungle by Guns'n'Roses.

Sunday 5/2/2010

Today I saw a very interesting sight...a bald eagle picking up roadkill off the side of the highway. Never really seen a bald eagle that close up before. Song of the day is Earthquake by Family Force Five.

Saturday 5/1/2010 Entry

Today I saw a very interesting man carrying a very interesting yellow striped umbrella. Also, my song of the day is Heels Over Head by Boys Like Girls.

Friday 4/30/2010

Today I saw a group of elderly men playing the bagpipes. Thought it was really cool. Also, my song of the day is One Love by Bob Marley.

Thursday 4/29/2010 Entry

Today I saw an itty bitty car with a huge hay bale taking up the entire back of it. And my song of the day is Wild Wild Horses by Atmosphere.

Wednesday 4/28/2010 Journal

Today I saw an old man cruising down the street in his electric wheelchair holding up traffic. Also, yesterday i bought the song Forever Young by Alphaville so it was my song of the day. Today's song of the day was Call to Arms by Angels and Airwaves.

Tuesday 4/27/2010 Journal Entry

Today I saw the most strange thing by LSH...a girl on a bike that instead of having a front wheel was attached to a shopping cart. Bizarre! In Edu Class CWJ was telling us about how a gym teacher TA friend of his was actually told that he needed to keep a group of 4th graders quiet while playing baseball in gym class because people were testing. Some people are just not thinkers...how on earth do you keep a bunch of 4th graders quiet? I also did a photoshoot with Brit and she was building molecule diagrams and it was funny because she doesn't seem like she'd be into chemistry but she is! Also, I love my new Canon digital SLR camera!

Readings 1 and 2 Response:

Using a grid system can be highly effective when creating an artwork. However, if not used correctly it can be the demise of your project. The grid helps you with the layout of your piece and makes it easier for you to create a well-balanced and cohesive artwork. As long as you follow design guidelines and do not stray too far away from works it should work out in your favor. However, if you try and cram stuff into small spaces or mess around too much with font size, kerning, spacing, etc. it may not work out so well for you.
It is important for us, as designers, to use principles such as the process of design, relative and absolute measurements, proportion, number sequences, the vocabulary of layout design, and zeitgeist when creating artwork. If we completely ignore these principles our work will not be as cohesive and successful as it could be if we payed attention to these certain things.